Living Music

Cyrus Meurant

March 4, 2022


Cyrus Meurant (b. 1982) is one of Australia’s most prolific young composers and performers. His critically acclaimed work spans theatre, dance, concert hall and the health sector, including music for The Australian Ballet, Divadlo F.X. Šaldy (Czech Republic), Theatre Basel (Switzerland), the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble Signal (USA), NIDA, Orchestra Victoria, Momentum Ensemble, Inventi Ensemble, Omega Ensemble, Nexas Quartet, Arcadia Winds, Alleyne Dance (UK), Dance Makers Collective, the National College of Dance,  The Adelaide Festival, the Sydney Symphony Fellows, the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Beaumont Care. The Cyrus Meurant Ensemble forms to present his collaborative works.

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