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Anne Cawrse

Anne Cawrse

May 24, 2022


Anne Cawrse is an award-winning Australian composer of acoustic solo, chamber, orchestral and vocal works.

Cawrse's music blends soaring, lyrical melodies, dexterous rhythmic interplay and an unpredictably colourful harmonic palette. She is particularly fond of discovering the expressive musical potential hidden within the words of female writers.

Julia Potter

Julia Potter

April 28, 2022


Julia Potter photo by Keith Saunders

Julia Potter is an emerging Sydney-based composer. 

Inspired to write music surrounding the human existence and experience, Julia seeks to create music which transports the listener to a suspended reality and moment in time. 

In 2021 Julia partook in Ensemble Offspring Hatched Academy, and this year has been accepted into the Omega Ensemble CoLAB Program for young composers. Her previous work has been performed by The Penny Quartet, Syzygy Ensemble, The Australian Youth Orchestra, The Melbourne University Symphony Orchestra, ANAM and the Arcis Quartet. 

Her music for documentary Acts for the Invisible was featured at Sydney Film Festival and Mardis Gras Film Festival. 

In 2021 Julia graduated with a Masters degree at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) specialising in film music composition, studying with Cameron Patrick. In 2018, Julia completed a Bachelor of Music with Honours at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, studying with Stuart Greenbaum, Elliot Gyger and Katy Abbott Kvasnica. 

In 2019 Julia was the recipient of the Melbourne Recital Centre/Melbourne Conservatorium of Music graduate commission and 2017 recipient of the Esther Rofe Composition Award. 

Cyrus Meurant

Cyrus Meurant

March 4, 2022


Cyrus Meurant (b. 1982) is one of Australia’s most prolific young composers and performers. His critically acclaimed work spans theatre, dance, concert hall and the health sector, including music for The Australian Ballet, Divadlo F.X. Šaldy (Czech Republic), Theatre Basel (Switzerland), the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Ensemble Signal (USA), NIDA, Orchestra Victoria, Momentum Ensemble, Inventi Ensemble, Omega Ensemble, Nexas Quartet, Arcadia Winds, Alleyne Dance (UK), Dance Makers Collective, the National College of Dance,  The Adelaide Festival, the Sydney Symphony Fellows, the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Beaumont Care. The Cyrus Meurant Ensemble forms to present his collaborative works.

Kim Cunio

Kim Cunio

November 17, 2021


Kim Cunio is an activist composer interested in old and new musics and holds the position of Associate Professor, Head of the School of Music at the Australian National University here in Canberra.

In this podcast we explore the diverse and engaging music of Kim Cunio who is not afraid to draw his influences from any source or from any country in the world.

Keyna Wilkins

Keyna Wilkins

October 10, 2021


                   Jalal Mahamede                                    Keyna Wilkins

In this podcast, 10.10.2021, you can hear about the music of Australian composer, pianist and flautist Keyna Wilkins. Keyna was one of three finalists for the Australian Art Music Awards for Individual Excellence in 2021 and 2018.

Keyna talks to Rob about her upcoming album with poet and detained Arab Ahwazi refugee Jalal Mahamede. They also discuss her recent work Celestial Emu.

Keyna Wilkins website

Fiona Joy Hawkins

Fiona Joy Hawkins

October 5, 2021


Australian composer, pianist and singer Fiona Joy Hawkins says that music is a universal language that connects us without prejudice, it speaks to us all equally, yet is received with great variation.

In this podcast, you can hear Fiona talk with Rob about her 2013 album 600 Years in a Moment.


Fiona Joy Hawkins

A Musical Journey by Rob J Kennedy

A Musical Journey by Rob J Kennedy

September 14, 2021

Everyone goes on journeys throughout their life, some to places that will stay with them forever, some on an internal journey that leads to a new horizon, and others on an arts journey that leads to new discoveries. This is my musical journey through an exhibition. The music in Journeys was inspired by the exhibition of the same name at The National Museum of Australia.

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